Our Process at CrossFit Dare

01. Get started

Download Free 7-Step Starter's Guide 

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Personal Training / Coaching

(on-site / online)

If you prefer, get 1-on-1 help with The Basics (everything in our Starters' Guide) to make sure you're doing it right from day 1.

02. Improve & Maintain

Overall Fitness Program

(on-site / online)

Once you've learned and practiced The Basics, you're ready to challenge your body with more variety in your program. 

If you're not close-by, our schedules don't fit or you have your own gym, you can follow our program online!

03.  Build Health Overall

Personal Training / Coaching

(on-site / online)

Clients sometime need individual attention for issues or specific goals outside of Overall Fitness Program and this is where personal training, individual coaching, and consultations come in handy.


Just what you need to make your strength, health, and results last.

Individual Progam

Personal Training - 1-on-1 training in person for a precise workout tailored to your goal or to learn/practice a specific technique with instant feedback  

Personal Coaching - guidance and mentorship in goal setting, nutrition, habits, and accountability

Individual Programming -  a personalized program for a specific goal 

Healthy Strong Program

Group classes - provide a variety of movements to not overwork specific body parts

- gradually building intensity throughout the class to see what the client can handle that day

- having a balance of strength and conditioning throughout the week

- program specifically made for the average adult to not over stress the body while maintaining and improving fitness to sustain any fitness goal

Open Gym - scheduled near group class times for members to work on individual programs or if they miss the start time of a class

Online / Remote Program

Online Membership - follow our Overall Fitness Program with access to our coach for adjustments or questions about the workout, get explanations on how the programs are created and the intended purpose of each workout

Remote individual coaching - technique feedback, personalized workout program, mentorship in goal setting, nutrition, habits, or accountability; technology helps you to get the coaching wherever you live


Group classes





-$150 (3 times per week) 

-$165 (Mon-Sat Unlimited)

(Tues, Thurs, Sat. Open Gym - Workout Provided)


Individual Program 



-Personal training/coaching

-Individual programming


(-Online individual program & consultation)

Online Program 


30 / month

-Access to our Overall Fitness Daily Workouts

-Daily activation or mobility 

-Access to our coach for adjustments & questions



Monday Wednesday Friday

6:30am / 8:00am / 10:00am

4:00pm / 5:00pm / 6:00pm

*We can adjust start times as needed for members (i.e. start 15-30 min. before/after times listed above)

Open Gym

Tuesday  Thursday

6:30am / 8:00am / 10:00am

4:00pm / 5:00pm / 6:00pm


8:00am / 9:00am / 10:00am

*Make up a missed workout or simple program provided

Personal Training / Consultation

Scheduled throughout the day 6:00am-7:00pm by appointment.

Remote Program

Follow the General Fitness daily workouts we do in our classes on your own!

Class Sizes

Class sizes are small with plenty of space between members and plenty of ventilation for airflow.

(*contact us for more info)


Reserve for desired class time the day before to prevent overcrowding and save your spot.

Current Availability

We have availability for classes. Contact for details.

Updated:  January 2021

Class Time Adjustments

We adjust schedules quarterly to accommodate needs of members. Email us if you'd like to see a class time added.