About CrossFit Dare

I can teach you what you need from exercise, there is no doubt.  The challenge will be balancing it with nutrition, rest, stress management and everything else in your life.  But I'm here to work through it with you.

At times, I can be awkward, goofy, motivating, sarcastic, anxious, and a human being.  I understand change is tough and things won't always go as planned.

I'm fulfilling my mission to teach you how to keep yourself strong and healthy with everything in your power.

I know you and your body is extremely powerful, we just need you to know it to..

-Yours in Health, Daniel Ji

We are here to teach you how to exercise and to provide a space where you can practice exercise with guidance. 

Exercise is used in different ways around the world and our program will simplify the principles that many of these programs use. 

“To teach a man to fish…”

Most people will have their individual questions and challenges figuring out exactly how to do this for their bodies and fit this into their lifestyle

And that’s where we come in!

Ultimately, our goal is to teach you just what you need to know to safely exercise and strengthen your health for the rest of your life.

What's the Difference With CrossFit Dare and other gyms...?

If there is a secret, it’s that, to get the benefits of exercise you have to keep exercising! 

We want to help you implement exercise into your life no matter how intimidated, confused, or helpless you feel. Some common concerns we hear are:

  • “I don’t have any energy at the end of the day, how can I workout?”
  • “I am in the worst shape of my life, I’ll die on my first day.”
  • “Am I too old to follow your exercise program?”
  • “Is it safe? I hear and read things about people getting injured”
  • “There are so many programs out there, which is the best one?”

It's true exercise can be a double edged sword and that’s where you hear about the risks, injuries, accidents, or failed experiences with exercise.  

There is a time for intensity and getting your butt into gear to start achieving the goals you’ve put off for the past 10 years..

But an intense workout program for a few weeks or months is not the solution for many working adults.  

And often times not necessary or sustainable depending on your personal goals. 

So how do you know if you’re at risk when exercising?

Just like anything else, when you try to rush the process.  

Exercise is a tremendous discovery and invention that’s been scientifically studied and refined over the years.  

It has been proven to help your lymphatic system, cardio respiratory system, bone density, maintaining strength, mental health, cognitive abilities...  the list is endless!

That is what we are here to do!

Find out how exactly you can start exercising safely and effectively from day one in our Free Starter's Guide below!

About Daniel

Hi guys, my name is Daniel and I’m here to teach you how to exercise to stay strong and be healthy for as long as possible, in the safest way possible and the simplest way possible.

Sound pretty mundane?  Isn’t that what all the other trainers and gyms are doing?

In other words, I’m here to help you have a healthy relationship with exercise.

Healthy relationship? I don’t even have a relationship with exercise... ha.. ha..

What comes to mind when you hear exercise, working out and fitness?  

It’s likely:

  • body builders with big muscles, sweating, grunting, and man handling heavy weights
  • people with pain on their face doing all sorts of weird movements 
  • “fitness models” with glistening bodies looking good for the camera 
  • music bumping with an over caffeinated trainer/coach screaming and yelling like a drill sergeant 
  • a tv show where people compete to lose weight? Fitness celebrities? Get this six pack in 6 weeks? Get ready for your summer beach body? 
  • Buy this product, buy this supplement, buy this equipment...

If you currently do or have subscribed to any of the things listed above, the point isn’t to be insulting but to reveal how health and fitness has been commercialized.

Rather than health, wellness, longevity, and independence...

The fitness industry continues to exploit insecurities, sex appeal, temporary solutions, and same things packaged a hundred different ways to keeping selling.

It’s one thing to market and advertise using these tactics...

But the health and fitness industry has become synonymous with quick fixes, chasing “sexy”, and a product to be bought at the cheapest price available.  

As I've become more aware of this, I was disappointed and almost felt helpless for the state of the fitness industry.

So I had to make a shift...

I decided to share the simplest implementation of exercise so the average adult can actually understand and learn what they’re doing to start getting stronger for their health.  

It took a lot of research and trial and error to come to this conclusion...

I was confused for years.

How Did It Start?

When we first opened our gym in 2013, as much effort as I put into safety and technique our workouts were intense and significantly challenging for the average adult. 

I thought I was simply giving the clients what they wanted...

They wanted results fast so in addition to adjusting nutrition I gave them the epitome of intensity, CrossFit.

When I first came across CrossFit in 2008, I had been a personal trainer at a typical larger gym for a year.

What drew me to CrossFit was the emphasis on movements I was finding to be more useful than others, which they categorized as functional.

As I continued to work in this field and got my degree in Kinesiology I was experimenting with programs and approaches from renown health and fitness professionals to find the “best” program out there.  

With years of frustration and research to find so many programs not quite good enough, I came to a realization...  

I was asking the wrong questions!

I was asking, “How do I help fix these problems; weight gain, muscle loss, muscle weakness, aches/pains, stiffness, tiredness, etc…?”

When I should have been asking, “What is causing these problems?”

The science is out there..

Exercise helps keep your body and mind strong and healthy.

So What's the Plan?

It doesn’t take much to get the benefits of exercise, but it does take consistency...

So crushing clients with super intense workouts regular can only lead to burn out, more stress and even injury.  

Here’s why…

When we’re helping to improve health, we need to consider mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 

All areas share the energy you have available..

So we want to be cautious how much energy we use in any one of these areas.  

Unless you have a medical condition, you will see the side benefits of better energy levels, improved strength, and changes in your body.  

If you're committed to maintaining your strength, health and "results" for years to come, what's the point of trying to rush the process? Right?

You can see benefits 1, 2, 3 months in, but if I can help you learn to be strong and healthy for 10, 20, 30 years plus I will be grateful for having played a part.

Do both of us a favor and get access to the Free Starter's Guide and let me know how else I can help.