CrossFit Dare

We help adults breakthrough an unhealthy lifestyle 

to remove chronic pain and lose weight 

through personal training and small group classes!

Why Dare is the right fit for you.

You’re brand new to working out and don’t want to get hurt.  You’re not sure what you can/cannot do and want a safe environment to make positive changes.

You’ve trained at other gyms and with other trainers but the changes were temporary, you haven’t been taught how to do any of this on your own, and you feel like you will always NEED their help.  

Your body just isn’t what it used to be.  Muscles and joints are achy, you’re losing muscle and strength, and you’re getting tired just from walking up the stairs.

You understand there is more value to exercise than JUST burning calories and “looking good”.  You want to strengthen your body for longevity and be able to have an active lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

 At Dare, we’re prepared to take you step by step from where your current health & fitness stands to where you can become more independent in your health & fitness journey.

At Dare, we refuse to contribute to the quick fix/cheap and easy mentality. But we commit to bringing value by mentoring individuals with simple principles of health & fitness to empower them in their family and community.

1. Assessment

You are unique, so your health & fitness journey starts at a different place than others! Let’s see where you’re starting: flexibility, nutrition, sleep, pain free movement.

2. Coach for Life/ Personal Coaching

Let’s get the basics down and set up a good foundation before joining group classes!

3. Hybrid Training

Maintain accountability with your Coach for Life while enjoying the group classes! Check-in for: nutrition, sleep habits, mobility, technique, progress!

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