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Learn How to Get Strong For Your Health Once and For All

The safest program you'll find for beginners to get strong and fit. Learn and practice the most useful principles in the fitness industry.


How Can We Help You?

Group Class Program (Overall Fitness)

We've created a program with a balance of the essential exercises to maintain and improve your strength and fitness just like in your 20's. You can get the results, while minimizing injury and burnout with our longevity focused approach.

Our coach guides you through the workout and helps make any necessary adjustments so the workout fits your fitness level and capability for the day.

Individual Program (Specific Needs & Goals)

Individual training can be more helpful for beginners to learn and practice the basics before joining the Group Class Program. We've simplified our  program to fit the needs of the working adult, parent, or entrepreneur.

After building the foundation, many clients like to work on specific goals differing for each individual in addition to the Overall Fitness Program.

Remote / Online Program 

Learning and practicing these essential exercises with our program is available to the online community. Real time feedback is most helpful but video, email, message feedback can work if you live further away or our schedules don't fit.

Get access to our Group Class Programming and feedback from our coach for adjustments and questions.

Individual coaching is also available online if you need individual accommodations. 

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Let's Equip You for A LifeLong Journey of Strength and Health

We're here to teach you how to use exercise to keep yourself stronger, healthier, and fitter for the rest of your life. 

You can absolutely set short term goals and see results, but learning the principles of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to take health and fitness into your own hands is priceless. 

The founder of CrossFit introduced an unconventional approach to exercise and continue to challenge the status quo of health, medicine, sciences and industries surrounding well-being.  

This prompted us to analyze what practices in the health and fitness industry actually improved health versus 'doing what everyone else is doing', selling quick fixes, or using tactics of marketers/advertisements exploiting human insecurities.

The CrossFit Games, 'Forging Elite Fitness', and intensity is a big attraction to CrossFit, but we've dedicated our efforts to simplify the most useful practices in the fitness industry, including CrossFit, to outline how anyone can understand and use exercise to aide their health.  

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Getting Healthy as a Whole Person

All exercise programs follow a set of the same principles and I'm laying it out so people aren't overwhelmed or intimidated by what they've seen or what they think exercise entails.

Once you understand how simple and effective exercise can be, you can focus on the real challenge in being healthy; mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  This is where habits, mindset, self talk, emotional triggers and a deeper conversation of health happens.  


Simple, Informative, Practical

Let's get you healthy and strong already!

We don't sell you one off products, classes, sessions, workouts, or quick fixes because they are simply that, temporary.  

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