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Is this program the Right Program For You?

You’re brand new to working out and want to start an exercise program focused on a safe start and continued progress. 

You’ve worked out in the past and are ready for a balanced strength and conditioning program that’s not boring/easy or too complicated/intense.

You want a program that can be a part of your healthy lifestyle instead of a means to an end.

You understand there is more value to exercise than just burning calories and short term goals.  You want to strengthen your body for longevity and be able to have an active lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

At Dare, we’re prepared to take you step by step to where you can become more independent in your health & fitness journey.

We refuse to contribute to the quick fix/cheap and easy marketing landscape. But we commit to bringing value by coaching individuals with simple principles of health & fitness to empower them in their family and community.

1. Assessment

We like to make sure you start off right for the highest probability of success.

If you’re new to  this lifestyle or starting back up, a reintroduction with our coach will help integrate into our program seamlessly. 

2. Personal Coaching / Personal Training

This might be good for you if:

-You’re recovering from an injury or surgery

-You’ve tried other programs but can’t seem to stick to a healthy lifestyle

-You have specific goals in addition to maintaining and improving a balance of strength and conditioning 

-You’re an older adult with little to no experience with exercise.  (*Korean speaking training available for personal training.)

3. Group Classes

You will be guided through our dynamic warmup and prepare your body for a balanced strength and conditioning program. 

We target all the major movements and muscle groups throughout the week and include assistance exercises to help reinforce your body.

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